CBSE wants to conduct compartment exams amidst this global pandemic. Students are in stress. Why shouldn’t they be? There are certain points where CBSE is seen to have unfair views.

In some parts of India, CBSE was unable to conduct examinations due to several reasons. Be it Delhi riots or anything else. Students belonging to those regions were awarded marks on the basis of internal assessment or on the basis of best of 3 ( if appeared). CBSE promoted those students without any questions asked but isn’t promoting students who couldn’t clear the exams for 2-3 marks.

Ever since CBSE announced the results, Students who have been placed in “COMP” or “Compartment” have been trying to reach out to CBSE expecting for an official announcement. But there is no word from CBSE yet. However a PIL was filed in the Supreme court. Petition was filed by an advocate Mr.Shakti Pandey.

After the hearing that took place in the court on 31st July, Supreme court asked CBSE to take an appropriate decision in the favor of students or parents after reading the mails & letters through which parents have beem trying to reach out to them.

Students on Twitter are also tweeting about depression because of they are not sure about the admission if CBSE delays the dates as most of the schools and colleges will end admission in August itself. Some students are not even able to start further studies as they are not sure about what’s going to happen next.

State Boards like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana have cancelled the compartment exams and promoted students because of the pandemic. Numbers are increasing every single day. Conducting any exam would result in mass gathering which is not safe at the moment.

This is Shivam! Twitter handle – @Shivam65350332 he has been posting videos on Twitter, Trying to reach out out to CBSE demanding cancellation of compartment exams. Shivam is seen to be very tensed and depressed. You can easily figure out seeing his posts.

Shivam even has a YouTube Channel. He’s trying his best to reach out to a larger audience so that he can successfully cancel the exams so that no student gets affected by the COVID 19 .
Click here if you want to check out his YouTube Channel

Nidhi Taneja who is a journalist of India TV is also trying help students by posting about “Students demanding for cancellation of compartment exams” on Twitter. She’s not only helping compartment students but also helping the final year students.

Conducting any examination at this moment can be very harmful for the students and their families. We hope CBSE will soon make an appropriate decision for those students.

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