Here’s how CBSE is discriminating compartment students!

CBSE has posted an official notice on its website regarding the cancellation of compartment exam. CBSE says “Compartment exams are as important as the exams like JEE & NEET.” Altough CBSE hasn’t released any dates as of now.

CBSE says cancelling compartment exams are against the laws of CBSE. So these exams have to be conducted. But back in June CBSE cancelled all the remaining examinations which could not be conducted due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Compartment students are affected by the latest notification that has been posted in the official website of CBSE. They have also mentioned that compartment students are not even able to apply for school or universities for further studies as that is against the “Examination Bye-Laws”

Well this decision by CBSE looks completely unfair and partial to compartment students, As the objective of compartment exam is to save the precious year of the students. But if CBSE delays the compartment exam then students will not be able to apply for Universities & Schools as most of the colleges are ending admission process in August itself

Moreover it’s unfair for compartment students as other students from other regions were awarded free marks because of the special marking scheme that CBSE came up as the main exams were cancelled.

Students were not expecting this decision as before couple of days, CBSE started replying students on Twitter. CBSE made it very clear to the students that decision would be taken in the favor of all the stakeholders. Supreme court even made it very clear to CBSE that decision should be taken after going through the representations that were sent by Parents, Students etc…

But now students are wondering what was the point of this tweet when CBSE does not want to listen to Students & Parents. Different Boards from different States are cancelling their compartment exams and promoting students on the basis of other marking schemes. But CBSE is unable to support students at this point. It’s like breaking lots of laws just to save a few.

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