Press conference for CBSE Compartment Students BY AISA full analysis

All India Student’s Association (AISA) organised a press conference on 16th August 2020. It was a Zoom meeting that was between Sandeep Saurav (National General Secretary of AISA) & the students from all parts of India.

AISA streamed this live on their Facebook Page around 2PM. Students discussed their problems throughout the event & expressed why CBSE’s decision about not cancelling the exam is wrong.

Shivam Kumar, The boy who has been fighting for Compartment Students since the first day was also in the meeting. He said “If CBSE could cancel the main exams and why is the board so reluctant about cancelling the compartment exam? How was the board so sure that all the students who belonged to North East Delhi were going to be promoted?”

He also said that how does the board expect those students with Asthma to sit for 3 hours wearing a mask? He feels that HRD Minister is trying to go against the WHO Guidelines. He also feels that Students in Bihar can’t even go to apply for compartment forms due to Floods.


Sidhi who expressed her thoughts after Shivam expressed that SOP cannot be trusted as other examinations like KCET & others which were held in different parts of the country promised smooth & safe operation but videos were released where we saw how social distancing was just impossible & Many even tested positive. So SOP cannot be trusted.

Rahil from Jammu & Kashmir said that ” Right now he’s in Jammu and his school is located in Himanchal Pradesh. So since public transportation isn’t available so it’s impossible for him to travel to other state right now. Even if board permits him to write examination at any school close to his house then also he feels that it is unsafe to step out as he belongs to a Red Zone.

Akriti from Delhi said ” According to Aroghya Setu App that was launched by the Government of India there are 1000 infected people near her place and when she already knows about the number then how can she dare to leave her place?”

She already suffers from an autoimmune disorder. Her immunity system is already compromised. She has trouble wearing a mask so it’s difficult for her to go out. She applied for a college through online entrance and got selected. But due to compartment she cannot attend classes so she feels that she will fall behind. She’s pretty sure that she’ll pass the compartment exam if conducted but what if she doesn’t get through? Because there are always doubts and she feels compartment kind of demotivates student. She had already paid all the fees of the colleges.

She also thinks that compartment students should be promoted on the basis of average marks just like how north east Delhi students were promoted. She feels as India is a secular country so everyone should be treated equally. No one should encourage discrimination. Why didn’t CBSE think about the future of those students while cancelling the main exams? This is where CBSE is becoming a hypocrite.

Ujjwal Another Student from UP said that his grandmother & her mother are suffering from COVID-19. His mother keeps telling him not to go for the exams. He cannot afford to waste one precious academic year. So he thinks compartment exams should be cancelled.

Angelina along with her mother also joined the zoom meeting. Angelina’s mother says what’s wrong if CBSE decides to award grace marks to the students? We’re currently living in a society where rich politicians are not safe. So conducting exams amidst this pandemic is not an option.

Angelina added that there are some families as well where parents are not supportive where they keep blaming kids for getting placed in compartment. Angelina thinks CBSE should not add stress during this time.

There are more students who participated in the live event. We feel what students were right and the board should treated everyone equally. Everyone should respect the constitution and situation is getting worse. State boards have cancelled their compartment exams but why is CBSE so reluctant to cancel the exams?

Sandeep Saurav said on 17th August, Students around India should protest against these things being at their homes on Twitter. He will release a hashtag soon.

Press ConferenceNo to Exams During COVID-19 Pandemic!Cancel Compartmental Exams of CBSE!Students Lives Matter!Joint Press Conference being addressed by All India Students' Association (AISA) and students impacted by exams during pandemic.Students from 10th and 12th will be participating in the press conference.

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If you wish to watch the catch up of the event so consider going to this ink.

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