We recently spoke with “Shivam Kumar” over Discord. He has been fighting on behalf of all the CBSE students who have been placed in “Compartment” stage. We’re with #StudentsLivesMatter community. So here’s what we asked Shivam:-

  1. Are you a Student? Did you also get placed in “Compartment” Stage? If yes then can we know in Which Subject?
    He replied “Yes, I’m a student but I’m just fighting for Other Students who have been placed in “Compartment” Stage”
  2. Did you have any conversation with Mr.Shakti Pandey, The one who filed the “PIL” at Supreme Court?
    He replied “There are total 7 petitioners along with Mr.Shakti Pandey. Shakti Pandey told that he’s going to fight till the end. Because what students have been going through is wrong”
    He refused to mention names of the petitioners because of obvious privacy reasons.
  3. The state where you come from, Apart from Covid 19 crisis, Is there any other reason for which you think examinations should be cancelled? Do you belong to Covid 19 containment zone?
    He replied ” I feel 101% Examinations shouldn’t be conducted amidst this pandemic. I come from Bihar. Here apart from this Covid 19 crisis, We have been experiencing Flood, Lightning etc.. Moreover there’s a containment zone which is like 500M away from where I live.
  4. People who you know personally who have successfully cleared the CBSE exams, Are they supporting #CancelCompartment with you?
    He replied “Yup even they’re supporting #CancelCompartment team along with me. They’re supporting us everywhere and trying to make sure that no student goes through something that is unfair.”

    Along with these Questions, He answered some other Questions as well, We have Uploaded the Entire video on YouTube. Do check out the video. We thank Shivam for being available for us. We are with students. #StudentLivesMatter

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