This new notification of CBSE about conducting Compartment Examinations is pointless. Here’s what you need to know.

Few days back, CBSE released an official notification on its Website where they made it clear that cancelling compartment exam is against the laws of CBSE. Students are not happy with this decision as most of the schools & colleges are ending the admission process in August itself.

CBSE hasn’t even given a clue about when the exams would be conducted. The question that arises is that if cancelling main exams were easy then why not compartment exams?

There are some regions where exams couldn’t be conducted even before the COVID-19 outbreak as some regions were going through different problems. In some cases students did not appear exams at all. Still CBSE considered awarding them marks on the basis of internal assessment.

But CBSE is not willing to promote those students who put so much efforts but could not clear the exams for a few marks. This is totally unfair for those students as state boards are considering cancelling the compartment examinations prioritizing the mental & physical health of the students.

Some even think that CBSE is actually trying to make money out of these exams as students will have to fill forms in order to be eligible for appearing these exams. CBSE’s three step rechecking was expensive as well. If a candidate wanted to sign up for rechecking then they had to opt for a “Three Step Rechecking” where candidate has to make multiple transaction which is not right especially during a global pandemic.

Students still haven’t given up as they know what they have been fighting for is totally correct. Shivam Kumar, The boy who has been fighting for students is back with a new hashtag #CBSE_ShameOnYou on Twitter.

This hashtag was also trending on Twitter this evening. A lot of students have been tweeting using this topic exposing how badly they’re getting treated by CBSE.

All India Students Association(AISA) is now supporting students as they know that what students are facing isn’t correct at all. Sandeed Saurav (National General Secretary of AISA) is contentiously tweeting about how unfair and discriminating this new decision bty CBSE is. And is now planning to file a new PIL against CBSE with seriousness

Apart from this media attention is also required. Compartment students are suffering as they are uncertain about their future. We really think CBSE should re consider their decision and treat all the students equally. We’d also advise students to continue their preparation. #StudentLivesMatter

We will also be back with a new blog where we will ask Compartment students about how they are spending each day and we will also talk about dealing with depression & anxiety during this Pandemic. Stay tuned

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